Managing Trustee's Desk

"Education is a movement from darkness to light"

A child ornamented with good education is granted with an advantage in the pursuit for success. It is a most powerful weapon which helps to bring change in the world. It has helped the world to develop at a great speed. Right education helps child in enhancing the  understanding,judging,analysing and thinking skills. It helps to inculcate a life long admiration for learning and nurturing a sense of righteousness and ethical behaviour.

At Nalanda, we provide quality education facilitated by efficient teachers who transmit their energy towards child centered quality learning. So every child gets an opportunity to search their full potential and helps them to become a successful part of transforming world. We shall also endeavour  to seek for paths to enhance and improve existing programmes and structures so that our students can achieve high levels across all disciplines.

-Vivek P. Patel
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